Flexible Screw Conveyors

Flexible screw conveyors manufactured by Renold Ajax are a durable and reliable way to feed a variety of bulk materials.

They come standard with an inlet hopper, screw casing, helical screw, discharge head and drive.

The bulk material is transferred up the casing by the rotating flexible screw.  Bulk powders, flake, pellets and many other materials can be fed at rates up to 450 cubic feet/hour in conveyor lengths up to 40 feet.

Product contact surfaces are 304SS and UHMWPE.


  • Boom or ceiling suspended
  • Wide range of hopper configurations
  • Flow aids such as hopper agitators, vibrators, air pads and delumpers
  • Portable or fixed base
  • Augers available in various diameters with 3 different profiles
  • Load cells for dosing


For more information, please contact: steve.baker@renold.com